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Open Sea.jpg


HYMR expresses his creativity not only through music, but through art as well. It is worth saying that HYMR is madly in love with portraying the sea, and this picture was no exception. This painting was painted digitally using a stylus. On it, with rather sullen grey, blue, green, yellow, black and white colours one can observe an image of the clouds, the wind and the waves of the sea.

HYMR named the art piece "Open Sea" as this is his first artwork which will be sold digitally on auction through the NFT market place -

A Summer Sunset.jpg


A beautiful scenery of a Summer Sunset by HYMR. Soft pastel skies with a warm, yellowish-amber glow reflecting on the clouds in the sky portrays the sun set of a summer day. Vivid green grass highlighted with the warm yellow glow of the sunlight, and the bluish-grey shadows casted by the hills and rocks reveal a colourful and well balanced representation of a Summer Sunset.

Fine feathery grass detail on the bottom of the painting together with some rocks and a narrow pathway down the hill makes you feel like you are standing on a hill, gazing at the serene landscape and sunset.

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