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Welcome to HYMR. HYMR is a rising artist in Johannesburg, South Africa. Follow HYMR on social media, HYMRSA, HYMR.OFFICIAL.

Written as a musical abstract painting, 'Artificial Intelligence' is the latest album to come from South African producer HYMR. Considering technology as both a solution and threat, 'Artificial Intelligence' focuses on fundamental issues affecting the world, mainly the threat of pollution and climate change. Using a variety of genre and form on this album, HYMR pushes the bounds of possibility, using music as a tool to gain understanding of complex issues.


A self taught pianist, HYMR has been seeking out music from a young age, playing pianos anywhere he could find them; in school, in shops and in hostels. Citing Jean-Michel Jarre as a key influence, his music today is melody driven and uplifting, always aiming to be thought provoking and distinct. Although writing for many years, HYMR is only beginning to release material to the public, with his debut single already amassing over 15,000 streams on Spotify.

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